Chakrata Hill Station

Chakrata History

Chakrata in Uttarakhand is one of the famous hill stations. Chakrata has a history from Mahabharat. It is said that when Kauravas tried to kill their cousin brothers Pandavs by burning them in Lakshagraha (house made up of Lac material), They all rescued themselves from a tunnel and came to Chakrata. Hence there is a place known as Lakha Mandal. It is now a Hindu Temple nearby Chakrata. Later on, Britishers developed Chakrata for summers so that Officials from the East India Company can spend quality time. Currently, Chakrata has a military cantonment.

Chakrata Geography

Chakrata, about 88 kilometres from Dehradun and located at around 2118 meters above sea level, was used as a summer resort for high-ranking East India Company officials during the British Raj. Chakrata town has a land area of 15.70 square kilometres, according to the 2011 India census. Chakrata, also known as Jaunsar–Bawar, is a hilly terrain in Dehradun district that lies between 1500 and 2150 meters above sea level. The bottom part is known as Jaunsar, while the upper half is known as Bawar. This region is home to a tribal population known as the Jaunsari, whose native language is Jaunsari, however, Hindi is also spoken frequently. The Jaunsari people have a different culture from the rest of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, a neighbouring hill state. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the primary occupations in this village. Geographically, it features a diverse range of plants, with forest areas covering the majority of the land. Chakrata elevation is 2118 meters and one of the best treks for beginners.

Plan My Package Recommends: Places to visit in Chakrata

Lakha Mandal

Shiv Temple is highly recommended to be visited by Plan my Package.

The Lakha Mandal Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is surrounded by stunning mountains and the gorgeous Yamuna River. The graphite lingam, which glows when water is poured on it, is the major attraction of this religious shrine. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Bajrangbali are among the idols inside the temple, as are two six-foot statues of the temple's dwarapalakas (sentinels). ​Some folks believe that the Pandava brothers Bhima and Arjuna own the dwarapalakas statues. In the temple, there are over 150 stone etched figures, some of which date back to the 4th and 5th centuries. The temple's magnificent construction reflects the diversity of Indian culture, and it has been designated as a National Monument. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are considered as the embodiment of Shakti, making the location famous among Shakti believers. Budher Caves is another most important attraction near Chakrata.

Chakrata Rajma 

Chakrata Rajma is must taste and it is also recommended to take some for your home. Rajma from Chakrata is one of the best: light in colour, it expands to three times its original size when soaked in water and cooks in a pressure cooker in just a few whistles. It's sweet and soft. Chakrata Camping is also recommended because of its beautiful landscape and it also provides you with the option to have local food.

Tiger Fall

The height of Tiger Fall is 312 feet. This waterfall is the signature attraction in the Chakrata. It is also known as Chakrata Falls. It's a magnificent waterfall that hasn't lost its natural charm. The waterfall is a primitive beauty of great ambivalence, untouched by the fingers of modernity, tucked away quietly in the raw beauty of the rustic village of Chakrata. Tiger Falls is India's highest waterfall, without barriers in its path, and is 20 kilometres away from Chakratha village. In the autumn season, the waterfall is surrounded by an abundance of oak and pine trees, creating a lush green carpet of natural beauty. It is one of the best-kept waterfalls in the area, with a healthy habitat.

Best Time To Visit in Chakrata

One of the best things about Chakrata is that you can visit anytime to enjoy the serenity of the destination, starting from January where you will get snow and if you are lucky you will get snowfall as well, in summer the destination will provide you with the soothing atmosphere. April to June & from October to December are the best months to visit Chakrata, as per the interest. In January and February, the atmosphere is freezing. If you are fond of snow and snowfall Chakrata will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a bonfire in the snow during December.

Chakrata Weather

Chakrata Temperature: Chakrata is a hill town in Uttarakhand with lush green trees, historic sanctuaries, and tunnels that enjoys pleasant weather all year.  Another great time to visit is during the monsoon season when the entire town comes alive.  

  • Chakrata In Summers: Summer (March-June) is the greatest time to visit this charming little town, which is densely covered in blooms and makes for a spectacular picture. In summers Chakrata is naturally decorated with various flora which is enough to please you. The average maximum temperature in Chakrata is 30°C and the minimum temperature in Chakrata is 10°C during summers.

  • Chakrata In Winters: Winters are bitterly cold, with snowfall on occasion. You can also find snow in the month of December and January. The average maximum temperature in Chakrata is 15°C and the minimum temperature in Chakrata is -5°C during summers. Know More

How To Reach Chakrata

Chakrata by Air

Dehradun airport or Jolly Grant Airport(DED) is nearest to Chakrata and the distance is 113 km from Chakrata.  From Dehradun, you can take buses and taxis which are easily available Dehradun.

Chakrata by Train

Dehradun railway station(DDN) is the nearest railway station to Chakrata. The distance between Dehradun and Chakrata is 87 kilometres, and you may go there by cab or bus. The railway station is well connected to several cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and many others.

Chakrata by Road

Chakrata has good connectivity through roads. From Delhi to Dehradun, you can drive or hire a taxi. Otherwise, you can take the bus to Dehradun and take a taxi to reach Chakrata. Chakrata's distance from Delhi is around 300 Kms which is approximately 7 hours of a drive. Chakrata is easily reachable from Dehradun by road. 

Places to Stay in Chakrata

Chakrata Resorts

Room On The Roof

These comfortable camps cum lodges are nestled amongst the lush greenery of the village Viraat Khaayi and offer 11 deluxe rooms and 15 swiss cottage tents with facilities like attached bathroom, luggage racks, etc. Also providing in-house dining, Himalayan Eco-Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Chakrata.

Deodar Dream Resorts and Camps

Situated at around 15kms from Chakrata, Deodar Dream Resorts, and Camps is in Korwa village. Wooden cottages and duplexes with modest conveniences and services are available at this resort. Barbeque facilities and in-house eating are also available at Deodar Dream Resorts and Camps. Deodar Dream Resorts and Camps are one of the greatest locations to stay in Chakrata if you want to have a comfortable stay in a beautiful setting.

Chakrata Cheap Hotels

Oxygen Resort Chakrata

The best hotel in Chakrata is Oxygen Resort Chakrata. It is situated in Chakrata's most lovely spot. From here, you may have breathtaking Himalayan views and the thrilling Deep Valley of Forest. Deodar, blue pine, oak, apricot, and apple trees surround the property. Shilgoor's towering peak looks down on it. In the winter, there might be up to 2 feet of snow on the ground. It's an out of Army area, therefore you'll be able to enjoy Bonfire and music. Snowfall averages 2 feet each year between December and February at an altitude of 7000 feet. The resort is surrounded by natural beauty and here one can count on in nature is pure oxygen. It provides a great atmosphere of calm and tranquillity. Know More

Do`s & Don`ts in Chakrata


  • Do keep heavy jackets if you are visiting in Winters as well as summer
  • Do carry a small backpack while trekking or city tour 
  • Do brings some water and nuts as they will provide sufficient energy and hydrate yourself.
  • Do reservations prior to your visit.


  • Do not litter anywhere in the mountain.
  • Do not argue with the tour leader.
  • Do not disrespect the local community, Chakrata is a Cantonment area.
  • Do not drive harshly, roads are narrow.



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